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Fábrica Asa Pavilhão A 1.2, Estrada Nacional 105, Covas 4835-157 Guimarães

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253 518 176 (Chamada para rede móvel nacional)


Bordanpe is a company dedicated to excellence in the embroidery industry. With an unwavering commitment to satisfy the needs and desires of its customers, the company offers a wide range of embroidery solutions that goes from conventional embroidery to more sophisticated techniques, such as embroidery with sequins, beads, ribbons/strings, chain stitch, chenille stitch, among others. Over the years, Bordanpe has earned a solid reputation and loyal clients due to dedication to quality and its ability to transform simple pieces of fabric into true works of art.

Embroidery is a form of artistic expression that has been appreciated for generations, and Bordanpe understands the importance of preserving this tradition while embracing innovation. The company not only offers personalized embroidery services to suit customers individual preferences, but also uses cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to ensure exceptional results. Whether creating unique garments, decorating fashion accessories or enhancing home decor items, Bordanpe is committed to turning its customers visions into reality through embroidery.

Furthermore, Bordanpe values creativity and collaboration, working in close partnership with the clients in order to develop personalized and exclusive projects. The company's experienced team is always ready to guide customers, from choosing the ideal designs and embroidery techniques to selecting colors and materials. Thus, Bordanpe not only provides embroidery solutions, but also offers a unique customer experience where art and imagination come together to create something truly special.