Icone endereço

Fábrica Asa Pavilhão A 1.2, Estrada Nacional 105, Covas 4835-157 Guimarães

Icone telefone

253 518 176 (Chamada para rede móvel nacional)


Bordanpe seeks to offer its customers the most diverse solutions in the art of the embroidery industry.


Wide range of solutions in the art of conventional embroidery industry, embroidery with sequins, beads, ribbons/strings, chain stitch, chenille stitch, etc.

Transfer pressing

Transfer pressing services.

Laser cut

Laser cutting services with several machines equipped with optical reading and galva engraving system.


All services created with the purpose of meeting the highest quality standards combined with speed and confidentiality.


Bordanpe, Embroidery Industry, was established on March 15, 2005. It arises following the family history and academic training of founder André Castro with connections to textiles since 1993. Its main objective is the clothing industry, but also the home textiles and footwear. Without dissociating and/or privileging any of the variables, Bordanpe is committed to working with truth, quality, competitiveness and respect for the entire chain, from employees, suppliers, customers and the environment.

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